Civista's Welcome Kit
What You Should Know Before Your Stay

Thank you for choosing Civista Medical Center. We’re committed to providing you with the best care possible. We’ve created this Welcome Kit for you that includes all the information you’ll need for your stay at the hospital.

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Our goal is to provide the best medical care to you in a safe, comfortable and healing environment. This guide should answer many questions you may have about the care you will receive while at Civista Medical Center. Having the appropriate information you need can ease concerns you may have about being hospitalized and acquaint you with a few of our many programs and services.

If you have questions about any aspect of your care, please be sure to ask your nurse, therapist, or physician. As partners in the care of your health, our team of health professionals is working on your behalf throughout your stay. Regardless of who the individuals are or what their jobs may be, our employees are dedicated to providing you with the best care.

Civista Medical Center is fully licensed and accredited, but beyond that, we are your community hospital, and are proud of the personalized care we provide and the hospitality for which we are known.

Best wishes for your improved health,
Noel A. Cervino
President and CEO