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Trust Pharmacy

Trust Pharmacy is a popular online drugstore in the USA which has been operating in the pharmaceutical market for many years.

The main goal of our company is to help you maintain health and beauty at any age!

Specialists of our pharmacy undergo regular training, take part in seminars, business games and presentations in order to provide even better advice to our customers. You can always be confident in our competence and professionalism.

Principles of our work

  • Trusted care and assistance is a guarantee of the quality of medicines, friendly and professional service;
  • Convenience – an atmosphere that creates a comfortable environment for each client;
  • Reasonable prices – pricing from the needs of customers and always profitable offers for each client;
  • The widest range of medicines, dietary supplements, vitamins, children’s goods and personal care products, including branded and generic drugs.

High level of service

We have not only competent pharmacists but also additional services aimed at building long-term and mutually beneficial customer relationships:

  • “Convenient” location – you do not need to search for our store – we are always near – online;
  • Convenient time of purchase – our pharmacy is operating round-the-clock so that you can place an order at any time;
  • Simple shopping process – it’ easy to place an order even if you are not an experienced PC user;
  • Certified product quality management is the key to your safety;
  • Advantageous offers – Trust Pharmacy offers coupons, special bonuses and seasonal discounts on popular products for its clients.

Modern automation system

Modern automation system and software on our website allow us to quickly and efficiently serve customers. By means of the search bar, you find medication. This searching tool gives you a list of pharmacies where you can buy it, also providing information on the drug price. Our service offers a drug delivery service even right to your door, which is especially convenient if you are restricted in movement or are very busy. Besides, we have distinguished medications in accordance with medical conditions like erectile dysfunction, allergies, asthma and many others. It helps people decrease the time of searching.

Assortment Available On the Store

Our pharmacy has a tock able to help people all over the world improve their health. All the medications are subdivided into special medical categories. The following drug categories are available: erectile dysfunction, allergies, anti fungal, anti viral, antibiotics, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, birth control, blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, depression, diabetes, gastrointestinal, hair Loss, heart disease, herbals, man’s health, muscle relaxant, other, pain relief, skincare, sleep aid, quit smoking, weight loss, woman’s health.

Each category contains medications which can be prescribed by your physician. For example, if your diagnosis is related to blood pressure you are welcome to enter this category and find the drug. Our company claims to constantly replenish the assortment with high-quality generic medications.

What are Generics?

Generic medicines have the following characteristics:

  • the same composition (qualitative and quantitative) for the active substances as for the original (reference medical) drug (which usually has its own brand);
  • the same release form (pills, solution, inhaler, etc.) as in the reference medicinal product;
  • it is proven to interact with the body in the same way as the reference drug (bioavailability studies and bioequivalence studies).

In their chemical composition, the original brand-name drugs and generics do not differ. As with all other drugs, the quality, safety and effectiveness of generics should be checked and ensured by means of appropriate control procedures. Registered generics are controlled the same way as original drugs.

Generics have a different brand name, look and package, but the same active substances as the original drugs. In fact, they can be treated as the same medical product. One would think that these are two different drugs, if not for the generic name (international non-proprietary name), which would be the same for both drugs. This situation often occurs with painkillers. Active ingredients, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, are used at the base of many pain medications sold in pharmacies.

Bestsellers among generics

Generic Viagra is the first drug produced to solve the problem of dysfunction of the male reproductive system. Since its introduction in 1998 and for quite a long time, this ED drug developed by different Indian pharmaceutical companies has been a monopolist in the market for drugs to increase erectile function. The rapid growth of sales, popularity and effectiveness of Viagra led to the fact that many men gained confidence in solving the problem with potency. This drug is released in the form of tablets in the dosages: 25, 50 and 100 mg. It is taken once before the planned sexual intercourse.

Generic Cialis is a very young drug. But during the time in the market, it won considerable popularity among the male population. Cialis – a drug to improve erection, used for disorders of erectile dysfunction, is characterized by a long action of 36 hours. This is the time during which you will be “ready” for sexual intercourse. Also, the advantage of Cialis is that it acts not only as a single-acting drug, but is also recommended by most doctors for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Cialis recently appeared on the pharmaceutical market, and rightfully won a leading position among the drugs of this action. Active ingredient Tadalafil begins to act 30 minutes after the intake.

Generic Levitra based on the active ingredient vardenafil is produced by the famous Indian brand for the treatment of erectile dysfunction of different etiology. This drug is popular due to its high efficacy, gentle action, safety and affordable price. As confirmed by customer reviews and doctors, the drug has the same therapeutic effect as the branded one. This generic drug is much more available for men having different budgets. In the presence of sexual disorders, Levitra should be taken regularly. In turn, the generic is performed according to the already prepared formula and therefore costs much less.

One of the erection stimulant drugs is Viagra Professional. It also has a positive effect on the male body, facilitating and accelerating the onset of erection, but there are certain features in its action that make this drug especially valuable in some situations. The main value of this drug is considered a longer and more powerful erection, the duration of which is 2-3 hours longer than that of classical Viagra. It is released in 100 mg pills able to improve male sexual function in the case of sexual stimulation.

Quality of goods and the absence of counterfeit

We work directly with large manufacturing plants, medical centers, official distributors and representatives, which ensures complete confidence in the quality of the product presented in our pharmacy. All products have the appropriate certificates. You can be 100% sure that here you only buy certified and tested medications. Online pharmacies operate according to certain rules, and the fulfillment of these requirements is also controlled very strictly: the procurement process, the procedure for the sale and storage of medications, personnel qualifications, and much more, are subject to standardization. Such online pharmacies may replenish the store with medications only from licensed distributors with a trustworthy reputation. Such a sophisticated control system ensures that no counterfeit or product of poor or ambiguous quality or origin reaches the counter.

Our store is the resource with high-quality generic medications. You may choose any of them and make an order. International delivery will bring your parcel in the stated periods of time. You are welcome to address our customer care department 24/7. Your health will be improved with our reliable service.

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