No Sex Drive or Desire: What to Do?

Lack of sexual desire is a very serious and even dramatic problem. Regaining desire becomes a panacea for most men. Many men suffer from the erectile problem but not all of them are trying to treat this disease. If there is no desire to have sex – does this mean physical disability?

From the scientific point of view, decreased sexual desire is pathological or physiological in nature. To correctly assess the nature of sexual problems you need to be guided by such parameters as hormonal status, the psychoemotional state of a man and the correlation of his libido with age-related data.

Often, even if a man has no desire to have sex, he preserves physiological reactions such as spontaneous or morning erection, which means the possible psychosomatic disorder. This means that erectile problems are a consequence of certain conditions with an emotional context: anxiety, anger, depression, stress, conflict or a tragic event. Nevertheless, we note that each case must be treated individually.No Sex Drive or Desire_ What to Do_

For example, with sexual arousal and the periodic masturbation, a man may completely lose his desire to have sex. In this case, its absence can be caused by a certain dependence, for example, on pornography. The problem of Internet reality covers a larger audience. In particular, men are affected by pornophilia – this is a medical definition of dependence on pornography, which is considered a serious, but reversible psychological disorder.

Pathological failure in the body

When there is a pathological malfunction in the body, it is necessary to establish its true cause, since, most likely, there were violations in any other organs or functions. First of all, if a man has no desire to have sex, he should check the symptoms of a possible disease, and a fever will be the first sign of developing the disease.

If no pathology is observed, the diagnosis becomes more complicated. The fact is that all men treat their health in a different way. Even having pulmonary oncology, some men continue to smoke and flood their illness with alcohol. Others do preventive examinations regularly without any symptoms.

A full life is impossible without sex

It’s good if a man has regular sex when every sexual act is accompanied by pleasant sensations, and his indicators of health are always at a high hormonal level. Of course, no one will die from a long absence of sexual relations, but we know the negative consequences of this imbalance. They include prostate adenoma, mastopathy, and various fibroids.

Some men do not consider the loss of a sexual desire a problem that requires urgent measures. Perhaps, they will even reconcile with it, and take it for granted. But a full life necessarily includes harmonious sexual relations.

There is absolutely no need to deprive yourself of sex!

It should be noted that a considerable number of emotionally vulnerable men consider this problem as a result of personal insolvency. For them, erectile dysfunction is a constant fear, depressing their personal life. They rarely manage to turn off their morbid self-esteem in order to assess the situation realistically. Of course, in modern society there are more reasons for concern: a large number of middle-aged men “hang” in the phase of sexual desires, but can not fully realize them.

If you suddenly realize that you have no desire to have sex, pay attention to your physical condition, try to follow medical directions, a high potency diet or take stimulants and drugs from Trust Pharmacy. Despite the fact that there is not too much difference between 30-year-olds and 40-year-old men, they have a significant psychological difference. The problem of poor sexual desire dominates the minds of erectile-capable men and makes them feel helpless.

Such tension and concern often turn into a protracted and very dangerous stage of a crisis state Рa midlife crisis. A 40-year-old man who begins to realize that he no longer owns that physical strength and sexual energy the way he used to, can develop a real psychosexual dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction treatment options

Doctors considered all the features that accompany the asexual state of a man, everything will depend on the particular case and the state of the body. Pathogenetic erectile dysfunction therapy is aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease. With the traditional approach to the treatment, doctors usually consider important factors such as psycho-hygiene and lifestyle, characteristics of sexual partners. Specialists analyze their relationships and roles in sexual intercourse, a whole grading of “sexual impulses”, study erogenous zones and prescribe physiotherapy courses.

Psychotherapeutic methods of treatment are popular. Of course, pharmacotherapy is widely represented. The success of full recovery or at least correction of sexual desire with such a universal approach is provided by 70-100%. These are drugs to increase libido. In the modern methodology of treating sexual dysfunctions, the “basic” contingent of men who lose a desire to have sex are those aged 30 to 55 years. Specialists argue that the main causes leading to this state are depression are post-stress conditions and even workaholism. Men lose the ability to relax and focus on positive emotions.

Another fact is that modern men lose testosterone levels. That is why it is necessary to carry out periodic measurements of the hormones. Lack of the most important male hormone – testosterone – weakens the desire to have sex, causes sexual deviations and various diseases.

Medical recommendations are unambiguous: a man who does not want to have sex should undergo a test on a special device – ultrasound doppler. As soon as the main cause is revealed, the treatment is prescribed. The variety and effectiveness of erectile dysfunction treatment methods are great.

Even in most difficult diagnoses, it is possible to provide medical care to men of any age category and regardless of their health status. Potency may be restored even in men with postinfarction or, for example, with diabetics. For example, today, there are easy methods for restoring the hormone level of testosterone. Of course, you need to consult an andrologist as soon as possible! After all, everything will depend on your health state.

Often, a man’s lack of desire for sex can be caused by the following diseases: non-physiological anorgasmia, when orgasm is not achieved for psychological reasons; vaginismus, when a man is afraid or tries to avoid sexual intercourse; sexual disharmony associated with psychological disorders. To date, all these diseases are quite successfully treated.

Conclusion and preventive recommendations

  1. Imagine that you are unique. Moreover, this is indeed the case. Your confidence in your masculinity is necessary not only for you but for your partner too. The higher your confidence in your abilities, the better and more harmonious sexual life you have;
  2. Increase the prelude before sex 3-4 times. Take advantage of a huge selection of intimate attributes for a sex variety. Use lubricants – any innovation can radically change the quality of sexual intercourse and positively affect your desire to have sex;
  3. Pay attention to your physical form. 30-minute physical activity will increase your libido. Do it without fanaticism, but regularly. Remember that systematicity is the key to your health;
  4. Visit an andrologist and correct your hormonal failure to restore sexual desire;
  5. Pay attention to your diet and the quality of the foods you eat. There are a number of products that solve intimate problems – aphrodisiacs. First of all, this is seafood. The staff from Trust Pharmacy knows other powerful sexual stimulants: nuts, eggs, avocados, figs, bananas, black chocolate, ginger, garlic, pepper, onions, etc;
  6. Use the gifts of nature. Herbs for erectile dysfunction treatment are very popular. Combine them in tinctures, and they will stimulate your desire to have sex. The most famous types of herbs for ED: ginseng, aloe, celery, damiana, wild yam;
  7. Talk with your partner, because only trusting relationships are completely harmonious. This will allow you to merge in a single sexual impulse with someone you completely trust;
  8. Fantasize with a woman! The open sexual feelings will increase your libido and help to overcome erectile dysfunction. Arrange evenings of honest sexual desires – let them smoothly flow into the night of passionate impulses and insanity of sex!
  9. Become a romantic lover! Find the time to listen to slow erotic music by candlelight. Emotional background is so important for your sexual health!