Kamagra Polo 100 mg

What is Kamagra Polo?

Kamagra Polo is a new medication created to cope with erectile dysfunction in men. It also has the form of chewing tablets, and therefore they taste good. The novelty, which is the final form in the line of generic Kamagra, has many advantages. First, it is cheaper, and secondly, it is much more pleasant to use. What is most important, when there is a question, to order Viagra or a generic, the quality of the drugs is absolutely similar.

Kamagra Polo is used about 45-60 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse, but the effect of the action comes in just 10 minutes. Kamagra Polo is quickly absorbed because the process begins already in the oral cavity. The dosage of sildenafil, an active substance of Viagra and its generics, is identical to Kamagra – 100 mg, which fully corresponds to the optimal dosage.

Buy Kamagra Polo 100 mg

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Kamagra Polo 100 mg has no special contraindications to the application. It should not be taken to men who have problems with the penile vessels, and in general with diseases of the genital area, cancer, intestinal, stomach, kidney and liver lesions. If there is a tendency to bleeding, then it is better to refuse from taking the medication.

The presence of contraindications is directly related to the process of sildenafil exposure to the body. Getting into the body, it is quickly absorbed, starting to exert a broadening effect on the vessels. Blood flow increases, there is a rush of blood to the penis, which in turn leads to a strong erection. However, unlike aphrodisiacs, sildenafil provides no effect on the erection, it only stimulates natural processes.


A maximum and an optimal dose is 100 mg. A decrease or increase of the dose may happen. But unfortunately, this preparation provides no possibility to it because of a chewable form. Independently increasing the dose to 2 chewable tablets may lead to an increase in side effects, and sometimes an overdose.

Kamagra Polo is able to act for at least 4 hours, increasing the duration of an erection by 5 times. The drug is intended for use only by men.

Side Effects

When using the drug you should take into account the possible occurrence of side effects. They are mostly not always pronounced and tend to disappear quickly. Possible side reactions include:

  • mild dizziness;
  • hot flushes of the face;
  • mild headaches.

When the effects are clearly amplified, the drug should be discontinued, as this may be a sign of an allergy to the drug components.

Sometimes with the use of drugs based on sildenafil, there is:

  • a runny nose;
  • back pain;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • violation of color perception;
  • blurred vision;
  • photophobia;
  • others.

If you have not previously taken Kamagra Polo, then these phenomena are quite normal, as the body adapts to sildenafil. If such reactions do not disappear and continue to occur with each reception of the drug, then they require careful study and analysis. You’d better consult a physician, in this case.


It is not recommended to take Kamagra Polo after drinking or while consuming alcohol. Sildenafil does not mix well with alcoholic beverages. The effectiveness of the action is best manifested when taking Kamagra Polo on an empty stomach. However, it should be noted that unlike Kamagra tablets, this may not be significant, since the drug begins to dissolve already in the oral cavity, not in the stomach.